Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reminder to Take the Stake Challenge!

Take the Stevensville Stake challenge ​to read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY.
​Read 1/2 a page, read a full page, read 10 pages. ​​Just be sure to read every day.
​We look forward to hearing about your growth and your experiences over the next months. 

As a SPECIAL TREAT, we will be presenting all Young Women and YW Camp Leaders​​ who completed this task with a beautiful gift during camp.

​Here are a few ways to help you keep track of your reading.
1) A Fun Chart you can print and color each day as you read.​​   ​Our personal favorite because it involves coloring.  :)
2) Or you may enjoy this great printable to keep you on track.
Book of Mormon

​3) If you would like to set your own schedule, this online tool is wonderful.​​

4) There is an APP for that!!  LDS Reading Chart​​ ​Another convenient way to keep track of your progress.

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