Saturday, March 1, 2014

Register for Girls Camp!


                 May 29, 2014
​                 YW Camp 
​                 Registration 

We are abiding by this deadline.  In years past we have not had a deadline, but we realize how important it is.

​​Speak to your YW President to get more details or contact the camp directors.  Click here to Register for camp now!

Reminder to Take the Stake Challenge!

Take the Stevensville Stake challenge ​to read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY.
​Read 1/2 a page, read a full page, read 10 pages. ​​Just be sure to read every day.
​We look forward to hearing about your growth and your experiences over the next months. 

As a SPECIAL TREAT, we will be presenting all Young Women and YW Camp Leaders​​ who completed this task with a beautiful gift during camp.

​Here are a few ways to help you keep track of your reading.
1) A Fun Chart you can print and color each day as you read.​​   ​Our personal favorite because it involves coloring.  :)
2) Or you may enjoy this great printable to keep you on track.
Book of Mormon

​3) If you would like to set your own schedule, this online tool is wonderful.​​

4) There is an APP for that!!  LDS Reading Chart​​ ​Another convenient way to keep track of your progress.